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Wisconsin Utility Exposure

Wisconsin Utility Exposure

Wisconsin Utility Exposure values tradition, trust and solid relationships. Our company has shared a long-standing partnership with Park Bank that began with my father. Given this proven trust, when it came time to securing a financial partner in 2001, Park Bank was my clear choice.

In 2008, at a time when many other companies were downsizing or closing their doors, Wisconsin Utility Exposure was thriving — thanks, in part, to the financial support we received. Through Park Bank, we leveraged loans to purchase equipment sold by companies who were closing. Park Bank gave us the ability to take advantage of a market downturn by facilitating our ability to achieve growth during this volatile time. Over the past 16 years, we’ve added one new truck to our fleet annually and realized a consistent 20% increase in revenue, year over year.

Hydrovac excavating is quickly becoming known as the best, safest practice when working around underground utilities. As the industry continues to advance, Park Bank consistently provides the support needed to successfully move our business into the future. And as our business grows, so do the services we require, including 401k accounts and money management solutions. At Park Bank, we’re getting all the services of a national bank, with the added bonus of a personal touch to each interaction. Our banker is dedicated to fostering our relationship and understanding our company operations, which allows for seamless, smooth transactions. We appreciate the bank’s emphasis on relationship building; it’s this core value that serves as the foundation of our partnership.Stats:
• 20-25% revenue growth per year.
• Add one new truck and two new employees per year.
• Current fleet contains 14 hydrovac trucks and 8 pickup trucks.
• Trucks cost $500k each.
• First loan with Park Bank was for $550k. 

Kim Wehse | President 
Wisconsin Utility Exposure

Steve Wyderka | Operations Manager 
Wisconsin Utility Exposure 

Lori Roberts | Vice President  
Wisconsin Utility Exposure  

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