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TRC Global Mobility

TRC Global Mobility

As a full-service relocation management company, TRC Global Mobility provides customized programs that facilitate talent relocation across the globe. While many of our competitors offer similar services, we provide increased value in our personalized approach. Park Bank is similar in that it delivers customized solutions for its customers, serving as a flexible partner dedicated to supporting business goals.

TRC Global Mobility is unique in that our usage of credit lines is not traditional. Our cash flow is intensive and there is a lengthy period of time between our financial distributions and subsequent collection of funds. Despite all of this, dealing with Park Bank has been extremely straightforward. When we began a search for a financial partner in 2016, Park Bank was willing to conduct deep research on our company and recognize that there was a viable justification to the loans we were requesting. We were provided large-sum loans for very little corporate collateral—all because Park Bank went the extra mile to understand the legitimacy of our business and our non-traditional revenue stream process.

We recognize that the success of our company would not have been possible without the support, flexibility and trust that Park Bank has provided. TRC Global Mobility transitioned to an employee-owned company in 2016. Today, each and every employee is invested in the company’s success—as is Park Bank—and we look forward to continuing the momentum we’ve built into 2018 and beyond.Stats:
• Currently have 69 total employees.
• Company facilitated 4,000 worldwide moves in 2017.
• Seek to double the size of the company (increase by 200%) in the next five years.
• 25% revenue growth from 2015-2017.
• 12% volume growth from 2015-2017. 

Paul Haislmaier | CEO & Chairman of the Board
TRC Global Mobility

Sean Lickver | President
TRC Global Mobility

Amy Kust | Chief Financial Officer
TRC Global Mobility

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