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Plasti-Coil / Tri-Tec Corp

Plasti-Coil / Tri-Tec Corp

I dedicate my life to cutting out waste. The tight-tolerance parts produced by my injection molding companies must be precise and without waste in order to be effective. This is the same reason I continue to be a loyal business customer at Park Bank.

Park Bank offers the services I need to effectively run my business—the ability to conduct business and transfer funds online, on-site training of my staff, responsiveness for troubleshooting issues, and more—without the hassle that comes with some large banks. I also value my relationship with my banker, Paul, who provides expertise when I need it and gives me room to run my business when I don’t.

I was referred to Park Bank by TLX Technologies when I was preparing to build a 20,000 square foot addition to my injection molding plant. Park Bank didn’t waste time and resources appraising unrelated business assets or property as collateral as they worked to meet my financing request. The approval process was streamlined and straightforward, and I was able to focus on building construction and other non-financial decisions necessary to the project.

Looking forward, I plan to continue growing my businesses in Wisconsin and providing job opportunities for the community. I’m confident that I will maintain the ability to meet these goals with the backing and support of Park Bank.Stats:
• A 21,000 square foot building addition was finalized in October 2017.
• Owns 60,000 total square feet of space.
• Currently has 65 customers.
• 45% of business is with Midwest-based companies.

Lawrence P. Austin | President/CEO
Plasti-Coil / Tri-Tec Corp

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