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Ann Pieper Eisenbrown

Pieper Properties

Throughout my 11 year relationship with Park Bank, I have been consistently impressed with the company’s mentality of always “getting to yes.” From my banker, Heather, to the supportive culture surrounding her, Park Bank implements creative strategies, always finding a way to facilitate my requests.

I began working with Park Bank more than a decade ago, at the height of the real estate boom. Through the ups and downs of the market, Park Bank always had faith in me and my company—even when other banks were unable to stay in business. As an example of this, back in 2017, within just four business days, Park Bank provided a creative solution that enabled my company to successfully navigate tax law changes. This is just one example of my banker’s commitment to my business.

Through all these years, the culture at Park Bank has remained consistent—responsive, supportive, creative and committed to getting the job done. They hold the same philosophy of “getting to yes” that has helped my business succeed and grow. I currently have working relationships with several banks, but Park Bank remains my number one go-to because of their unwavering partnership and determination to meet my needs.

Pieper Properties aims to provide distinctive, cutting edge, cost effective, responsive, urban working and living spaces for progressive people; I don’t want people to settle for living or working environments in which they aren’t happy. Park Bank does the same for me—I don’t ever feel like I’m settling for a bank that doesn’t care about me or my business, or who doesn’t reciprocate in our relationship. Today, as construction costs continue to rise, I’m thankful to feel supported by my bank. I’m enthusiastic to see how office and residential spaces continue to transform, and with the help of Park Bank, the role Pieper Properties will take in continuing to shape Milwaukee.

• 80% of commercial customers are small businesses.
• Currently serves 60 residents; another 35 residential units will be available later in 2018.
• Has been in business for 21 years.
• Two buildings are at 95% occupancy.
• Pieper Properties manages (and has previously developed) a total of 286,000 square feet of space.
• Pieper’s newest building is 46,000 square feet.

Ann Pieper Eisenbrown | Owner, President
Pieper Properties

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