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Ready to Grow

Business is doing well and the future looks bright. Here’s what you’ll need for the next stage.

The process of getting a loan

So you decided a bank is the best route for financing your business. We’re happy to help! Become familiar with […]

Small Business Financial & Technical Services

We’ve all heard the expression that two heads are better than one. While clichéd, it certainly has its merits. For […]

Local Economic Development Programs

Local Economic Development and Grant Programs

When launching, or growing a small business, it’s common for business owners to need financial assistance. Where do you look? […]

Government Guarantee Loan Programs

Government Guaranteed Loan Programs

Let’s face it – being a small business owner in southeast Wisconsin isn’t always easy (but it’s not all bad, […]

Finding the Right Financing

You’re the proud owner of your own general contracting business, and everything is going great. Three years in and your […]

Park Bank Knowledge Center

At Park Bank, our primary focus is on supporting the success of midmarket businesses in southeastern Wisconsin. Discover the collaboration, consistency and commitment that make us first in lasting relationships.

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